If you are a dog lover and you should know about the little cute dog breed which is called ‘French Bulldog’.  Sometimes you may not. This is a very popular breed in many European countries. If you are looking for a cute toy dog breed to adopt, a French bulldog is a very suitable breed for you. From this article, I’m going to discuss some general information about this breed!

#1 From where this French Bulldog originated?

Even just reading the name you’ll get an idea about its originated country. As it is ‘French Bulldog’, it must be originated from ‘France’. But is it true? Sometimes it may be yes or it may be no. Here is the reason why. In the 1800s Lace, factories were very popular in England especially in Nottingham before the industrial revolution. Most of the laborers in those factories were ladies and many of them used to keep small toy Bulldogs. They keep these cute Bulldogs on their laps for warmth. 

But with the industrial revolution, the demand for lace factories reduced in England. So many women moved to Normandy, France were still there was a demand for lace-makers. When immigrating those women didn’t forget to bring their cute puppies with them. Then these small bulldogs were very popular among French ladies who worked in the pleasure industry. A woman who walks with a small bulldog on a leash could easily attract customers at that time. With some crossbreeding with local French dogs these small bulldogs became a separate breed and were very popular in France. They are called ‘French Bulldogs’.

#2 How do these French Bulldogs Look like?

Frenchie is a small dog breed usually the height is from 11 to 13 inches and usually weighs about 28 pounds. It’s easy to identify a Frenchie among them as it usually has bat-like erect ears.  When considering its hair, French bulldogs have straight and short hair. It is not a hypoallergenic dog and so if you have allergic to dogs, you must avoid having a Frenchie. Their coat has four colors. Cream, white, black, and Brindle are those. Usually, they come as a combination of these colors.

#3 Are these French Bulldogs aggressive?

If they are socialized properly they are very calm and friendly as much as other toy dog breeds. Also, they can be trained to be aggressive. And also if they are neglected or mistreated, they’ll also become very aggressive.

#4 Are these dogs expensive?

Well, it totally depends on your income and wealth. In France, you may have to pay about $2000 to get a purebred Frenchie and about $5000 to get a one with pedigree.

#5 Are these French Bulldogs popular?

According to the AKC’s most popular dog breeds listing in 2019, French bulldogs are ranked in 4th place. During the last 29 years, Labrador retriever was the most popular dog in the US consistently!

#6 Are they good for children?

Yes, they are. They are good for children as much as other toy dogs but only if children treat them with kindness. Frenchie may be small but is not a fragile dog. So everyone should remember to treat them respectfully. 


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