Some people get bored with their current tattoos when time goes on. Sometimes when they see new tattoos they think about having them. But most people do not have a clear idea about tattoo removal processes. They think about getting rid of existing tattoos for several years, but as they do not have a clear idea about the process they do not engage in tattoo removal. If you are one who is looking for tattoo removal, you may have a number of questions. Sometimes you may have seen some of your friends have successfully removed their tattoos. But when asked for details, they also may not have a clear idea about that process.  

You may have many questions and you may like to know about the latest technologies used to remove tattoos and select a less expensive and less hurtful method. In this article, I bring you about very common and easy removal methods. It’s ‘Laser Removal’. Here are some frequently asked questions by many tattoo holders about this laser removal and answers for them. I think you’ll probably get answers to your many questions!

#1 Can I remove my tattoo completely from Laser removal?

Most of the time, the answer is YES. Many of them can be removed.  Black ink tattoos are the most common type and it is also the easiest one to remove.  And also there are colors that can be removed easily. Yellow, red, dark green, blue, purple, brown, and orange are some of them. But light green and light blue colors are difficult to remove completely. 

#2 Is this laser removal dangerous?

When this medical laser is applied by a medical professional it is not dangerous. This medical laser should be only used for tattoo removal. Usually, radiation from this laser has no risk of cancer. But it should be used with proper safety equipment such as goggles. 

#3 Is this laser removal process painful?

When comparing the pain you get when getting a tattoo and removing a tattoo, both are the same. But removing process is much quicker. Usually, a tattoo removal session lasts from 5-30 minutes and many tattoo removal clinics use methods to reduce the pain.

#4 what are the side effects of laser removal?

Redness in the tattoo area and swelling are the most common side effects of this removal. Usually, they will last for about a week. But for ones who have color tattoos, there may be some blistering. But it is a usual effect of the healing process.

#5 Does tattoo removal process leave a scar in skin?

Usually, laser removal won’t leave a scar if it is done by a professional.  So when selecting a clinic consider the laser technician’s advanced medical training and avoid clinics where do not have a well-trained physician or a physician assistant.

#6 How many tattoo removal sessions should I have?

Most of the time tattoo removal process needs 3-10 sessions. But the actual number depends on the size of the tattoo, the age of the tattoo, and the colors which used in the tattoo.


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