Is there anyone who does not wish to watch or capture beautiful photographs? Hopefully, the answer will be NO.  In this 21st century, most people use camera phones as well as cameras. They use photographs as a method of communication and express their ideas. We can see thousands of beautiful and attractive photographs when scrolling through social media. Have you ever wished to take such photos? Did you know that there are lots of different types of photography? Photography is a very dynamic field.  We have to use different ways when capturing various subjects. In this article, I hope to bring you 15 different methods of photography. Keep in mind that this list doesn’t include all the methods. Only the most popular ones are included here. This will help to gain broad knowledge for ones who do photography as a hobby. And for ones who wish to start their career in photography, here’re the tips to select what is the most suitable niche according to your choices. Without further discussions let’s go through them.

#1 Portrait Photography

This is one of the common genres in photography. In this type, the photographer mainly focuses on the expressions and the mood of the subject.  It may be a close-up portrait or a full-body portrait. However, the main focus is on the face of the object. If you are a beginner and hope to begin your career in photography, this type can be most recommended. Most people hire these portrait photographers on many occasions. Newborns, birthdays, school photos, family photos, and employee photos are some of them. So there are lots of career opportunities in this field.  Try to make quality shots and build a good portfolio and a brand name. It will bring you more businesses and with the development, you can also move onto other genres like wedding and fashion photography.

Tip: Remember that image must be well focused, especially the eyes. And also the image must be sharp and make sure that subject is in a good mood.

#2 Fashion Photography

This is one of the difficult photography methods. The main purpose of this method is to advertise the latest product and finally to sell it. These photographs should be very attractive and sharpen as they are the things which attract customers.  To succeed in this photography, there should be good teamwork between stylists, makeup artists, art directors, and photographers.

Tip: To get a quality photo collection, do pre-shooting preparations before capturing ultimate shots.

#3 Food Photography

In restaurants and hotels, owners seek the support of photographers to click their items and share them on social media and their websites. It helps to attract lots of customers and sell their products. This success totally depends on the skills of the photographer. `Not only them, but I think you would also love to click food items you prepare and consume and share them.  Then this tip is for you.

Tip: Always use natural light when capturing food items. Never use flash as it will wash out the natural colors of the food in photos. 

#4 Landscape Photography      

This is another popular photography method. In this photographers click on famous and hidden natural attractions such as waterfalls, beaches, lakes, and beautiful eye-catching scenarios. To be a success here you should be able to feel nature. Only then you can grab the beauty of it. You’ll definitely love to capture beautiful scenarios while you are traveling! Just try the tip.

Tip: Always try to use a tripod. And also use generally high shutter time and it will grab more lightning to your click and your output will be sharp and bright. 

#5 Photojournalism

 When you read a newspaper or a magazine, did you ever think the pictures you were looking at belongs to a special photography method? Of course, they are the results of this photojournalism genre. Simply we can say that photojournalism is photographing events at planned places and inform the world about them through photos. Natural disasters, celebrations, political rallies, and accidents are some areas covered by these photojournalists.  As photographs in this genre use to describe news and stories furthermore, the photographer should be skillful to capture images at the right moment.

Tip: Always be aware of the surroundings and reach the right place at the right time to get the perfect ultimate result.

#6 Aerial Photography

Have you ever wondered when was the first photo taken from the sky? It was taken in 1858 by a French photographer from a hot air balloon. Gaspar Felix Tournachon was that photographer and he took it 80 meters above the ground. With the development of technology, this aerial photography is very easier now with remote control drones.  These aerial photographs have unique and different perspectives and they cannot be beaten anyway!

#7 Candid Photography

Did you know that capturing unexpected and unplanned images have a name? Sure it does. It’s called candid photography. Here photographers capture images as they happen without informing subjects. It helps to grab very natural and relaxed moments.

Tip: Always try to use long zooming lenses in this genre. It will not aware of the subject that you are going to capture and preserve the natural quality of the image.

#8 Sports Photography

This is one of the difficult photography methods as the photographer has to capture fast-moving subjects. Usually, these photographers use long zooming lenses and quick cameras to capture the best moments. Quality outputs can famous sports teams and sportsmen and also those clicks can be used in media and news. If you are interested in Sports photography try the below tip!

Tip: Try to use high ISO when capturing. It enables high shutter speed and helps to get better quality images.  


#9 Street Photography

In this genre, photographers capture real-life scenarios in public places, especially in popular areas. This is a kind of candid photography besides candid photography is focused on objects but street photography focuses on real-life scenarios. 

Tip: Focus on your surroundings when taking this kind of photograph and capture as soon as when you identify a suitable moment.

#10 Long-Exposure Photography

Have you ever seen abstract dark images with different color light lines? Those images come to this long exposure category. This photography method grabs various aspects of the light in the dark which cannot be seen by human eyes. The quality of these photographs totally depends on the photographer’s knowledge about aperture and lightning.      

Tip: Always use a tripod to avoid shakings and use a timer on your camera. And also be sure that you are comfortable with the manual mode in your camera.                                                                                                                                   


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