The only things that come to me when I reflect on my upbringing are security and affection. I was made to understand from the minute I was born that I was born into a family who loved me and just wanted the best for me.

Unfortunately, not every youngster is protected to the same extent. Some kids grow up in adoption and shelters, never experiencing the joys of having a real family to call their own. Others are raised in foster homes.

Thankfully, three brothers from Sudbury, Massachusetts, who were raised by KC and Lena Currie after being adopted, will be aware of this reality this Christmas.

To Stay Together, The Couple Adopts Three Biological Brothers Who Are Younger Than Four
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The family moved into their new permanent home on November 23rd in honor of National Adoption Day, which also happened to be Joey, 3, Logan, 2, and Noah, 1, who are biological brothers.

One year ago, KC and Lena formally adopted Joey, beginning their adventure as adoptive parents (who were two).

Good Morning America claims that Joey was the reason KC and Lena first met at a Children’s Friend event in New York City.

The following steps make up the adoption process:

We saw a picture of Joey, and Children’s Friend said it would be a great match, as Lena put it. He was just 18 months old, according to the author.

They were successful in adopting Joey in March. But that was just the start of the tale.

Soon after, Children’s Friend called the Curries to let them know that Joey had a 6-week-old brother named Noah who also needed a place to call home.

After quickly responding “yes,” KC and Lena learned that there was a third sibling, Logan, whose adoption into another family had failed owing to financial issues. The Curries saw this as a signal that they were being tried as a target for communication.

Less than a month after welcoming Noah into their household, Logan moved in with his brothers.

KC told GMA, “It was just a gut instinct.” Given how important it was to us to keep the boys together, it seemed obvious that we would say yes. They will have each other to lean on and share the experience of going through it together when they are older and have questions.

It’s no minor accomplishment that KC and Lena have agreed to be responsible for three kids under the age of four. Nevertheless, parents deserve praise for having the guts and perseverance to raise these kids.

This will allow Joey, Logan, and Noah to develop as a family and enjoy the immense privilege of growing up in a loving environment.

It’s the first year and the first holiday where everything is true and eternal, according to Lena.

We may now fantasize about elementary school, sports, and other interesting things, KC said.

This tale is excellent and it made my day wonderful.


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