Everyone is affected by the pressure to maintain a flawless and young appearance, thanks to the proliferation of unhealthy beauty standards on social media. This person uses artificial intelligence to predict how famous people might age naturally. On the other hand, celebrities have been under this pressure for a considerable time because looking young is an essential part of their employment. Most famous people turn to plastic surgery to prolong the look of youth. At the same time, only a minority of them appear willing to accept the natural progression of their age. But have you ever thought about how they may look right now if they had decided against getting cosmetic surgery?

Hardly, intrigued by the idea, decided to experiment by changing well-known photographs to see how celebrities may look if they did not have plastic surgery. With the help of artificial intelligence, he has created some unique photos. And his editing skills can make you question whether or not it’s possible to naturally look attractive as one age.

#1 Demi Moore, 58 Years Old

Demi Moore
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#2 Britney Spears, 39 Years Old

Britney Spears
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#3 Dolly Parton, 75 Years Old

Dolly Parton
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#4 Goldie Hawn, 75 Years Old

 Goldie Hawn
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#5 John Travolta, 67 Years Old

John Travolta
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#6 Madonna, 63 Years Old

Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#7 Barry Manilow, 78 Years

 Barry Manilow
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#8 Mickey Rourke, 68 Years Old

 Mickey Rourke
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#9 Cher, 75 Years Old

Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#10 Lisa Rinna, 58 Year Old

 Lisa Rinna
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#11 Jocelyn Wildenstein, 81 Years Old

Jocelyn Wildenstein
Image Courtesy: Instagram/-hidreley

#12 Joan Rivers, Died At-The-Age Of 81-Years-Old

Joan Rivers
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#13 Carla Bruni, 53 Years

 Carla Bruni
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley

#14 Joan Van Ark, 78 Years Old

Joan Van Ark
Image Courtesy: Instagram/hidreley
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