Are you a dog lover planning to have a new dog? It is a great idea. The dog is the closest companion of man from ancient times. If you had never had a dog, then you may don’t have any idea about dogs. You can easily take a dog home. But remember that caring for and maintaining a dog is not quite easy. So it is better to have an idea about basic facts about dogs. Getting a dog means you are sticking to huge responsibilities.

You need to consider a few things before getting a dog. Let’s check out some of them.

#You should have time for the dog

You can get more than one dog during your entire lifetime. But most probably, a dog will get only one owner. If you are planning to have a dog, then do it when you have adequate time to care about him. Raising an adult dog and a puppy is two different tasks. You need to have much commitment to raise a puppy.

Young puppies need food three or four times a day. You need to take them out immediately after feeding. Sometimes a puppy will wake up you several times at night. That is because he may want to go outside or he is bored. So you need to be patient when raising a puppy. Don’t leave alone a young puppy for hours. They will chew up everything in your house. Your puppy needs lots of training. He does not have manners and tends to eat anything available at home. Getting a young puppy means you need to spend a lot of time with him.

#Research on breed

Don’t get the first adorable dog just after seeing him. It is essential to do dog breed research before getting one. The needs and wants of a dog differ with the breed. So you need to match them with your lifestyle. Some dogs are comfortable with a huge space. What will happen if you are living in an apartment? The space might not be compatible with the requirement of the dog breed you are choosing. It is essential to consider the living space, area, and family background before getting a dog. Some of these pets are not friendly with kids. So they will become a threat to your family.

If you have kids at home, then breed selection must be done very carefully. Not all dogs are friendly with kids. You should select the dog preferred by your children too. Otherwise, they will hurt the innocent animal for no reason. If you are doing a surprise purchase try to meet the dog and kids at least for a single time. Then you can have an idea about the preferences of the child. Don’t get an adult dog that does not have previous experiences with kids. Mistreatments done by kids and make the dog tempered and cause damages. Some playful puppies tend to become friends with kids. Such a breed will suit a family having kids.

You must consider the foods, medications, and supplements of the breed also. Dog breeds like husky need a high amount of energy. If you don’t have time to provide sufficient exercise, it is not the fit for you. Some breeds often require veterinary care. They have certain lifestyle restrictions and high vet bills. Now you know the importance of doing breed research on dogs before getting one.

You will need considerable time to research breeds. If you don’t do that, then you may end up with a dog that is not compatible with your lifestyle.

#Cost of the dog

Make sure that you can afford the selected breed. Pets are expensive. So try to concern about the cost also. If you are thinking to have a dog for the first time, then the initial cost is high. You need to purchase all the items for him. You need to collect the accessories and other things needed for the new pet. Don’t forget about the regular maintenance cost.

The maintenance cost will be low for a healthy dog. You don’t need to hire a dog walker, groomer, or trainer. Try to do them by yourself. The annual expenditure for a pet dog differs from the needs and health of the pet.

You don’t need to be a rich person to have a dog. But it is better to have an emergency fund before having one. So it will help you to treat your pet well.

#Make a safe home for the dog

Your house must be a safe place for a dog. So you need to make the home a toxic-free area for a pet. Some indoor plants, chemical cleaners, plastic bags are poisonous for pets. Keep houseplants in a place where puppies can’t chew. You can lock medications, food, chemicals, or other household items that can be dangerous to dogs in a cupboard. It is better to keep your belongings away from close proximity to a dog as he can destroy your things too. You need to keep laundry, shoes, and other small items away from the puppy.

When you are getting a puppy, then puppy-proofing the home is a must. Try to keep away all the little things that can hurt it.

#Take dog supplies and accessories

No matter whether you are getting a dog or puppy, he needs supplies and accessories. You need to have an adjustable collar with ID tags. So your puppy or the dog has an ID. Gather dog accessories like metal or ceramic bowls for food and water, a simple dog bed, a few dog toys, a brush, comb, or grooming mitt, and puppy food for puppies.

#Let your dog be social

You must train the dog to be social. It is better to introduce family members to the dog. You can expose him to various people and pets. It will take some time for him to be familiar with your family. You can introduce the home and family to your pet.

#Select a good veterinarian

If you are getting a puppy, then take him to a veterinarian. It is relevant to the dogs also. Try to take your new buddy to a physical examination within a few days after coming home. Try to find undetected health problems through physical examination. A good vet with consideration must be found before getting a dog. If you can find a veterinarian office close to home, then it will be easy for you. You can contact family friends and neighbors for this task. Social media reviews will help you to find the best vet for your dog. He will decide the puppy vaccination schedule. They need several vaccinations during certain age ranges. Don’t forget the vaccination dates.

#Learn the way to raise your pet dog

If you are raising a puppy, there are some special points to follow. There are specially designed healthy diets for puppies. Try to feed him a healthy diet. You can start house training from the first day puppy comes home. It can last for weeks to months. Don’t be too strict with the innocent pet. He wants to be happy in the new home. You can take him to different places. So he will expose to different sounds, people, sights, and pets. Remember to expose him only to healthy and properly vaccinated dogs and other pets.

You can find out a puppy trainer. There are online classes too. It will help the puppy to learn as well as provide socialization. You can teach him some fun games. Try to allocate some time to be with this playful animal. You can simply circulate the tasks of puppies with family members. Make a schedule and assign them.

#Cleanliness of the home

Dogs are just like kids. They make the environment messy. If you don’t like to see a messed living room or a lawn, then my advice is don’t get a dog. They will leave chew marks on table legs, stains on carpets, and fur on the sofa. You can avoid taking a pet dog to the living room to avoid these disturbances. Dog-proofing your home will avoid damages to your house to a certain level.

#Be patient

Your new puppy or the adult dog is always excited about the new home. It needs some time to settle down. The dog needs a few weeks or months to fully adhere to the customs and traditions in your home. Until then, you must be patient.

A puppy will make your place messy. It is the same with adult dogs too. If you are a cold-tempered person, then think twice before getting a pet dog. You will need to perform lots of training and clean up during the first few weeks. You are not the only one affected by the new dog. Your family members and other pets will also undergo certain new transforms with the arrival of a new one make them mentally okay to welcome new members to the home. Kids and other pets will have the toughest time during the first few weeks after the arrival of a new dog.

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