Science is a broad category that consists of things we can understand as well as things we cannot understand. Within the past few decades, there was a rapid development in science with many new innovations which we never thought would become reality. Space X reusable rocket, Self-Driving cars, and Google Assistant are some of those. Before 2000, did you ever have an idea about such innovational trends? Now we have moved on to the decade of 2020s and scientists all around the world are working on many innovational ideas to bring them a reality. Let’s seek information about some of those trends!

# ‘Flying Cars’ to the reality?

Did you ever think the concept called ‘Flying Cars’ will become reality? There is a possibility to realize the concept of the Flying car in this decade. Now a day’s most flying vehicles are powered by drones which can be automated.  Scientists are working on this flying car concept not focusing on personal use but on the taxi service market. Uber, the largest taxi service in the world is working on air-taxi service since 2016.  They selected cities in Los Angeles and Dubai and test their systems to bypass road traffic and they expect to enroll in air taxi services by 2023. Not only scientists but also giants in the auto vehicle industry such as Boeing, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Rolls Royce are working with these scientists on Flying Car concepts. So this concept cannot be easily ignored and we can keep our hopes to see the realization of flying cars in this ongoing decade.

# More Intelligent Machines!

During past decades with the development of technology, humans could innovate artificial intelligence which can even beat people at games and diagnose medical issues better than doctors. In this decade we’re going to see further amazing innovations in Artificial Intelligence. This year Google announced they have developed a technology to diagnose breast cancers! Furthermore, they are going to develop more health-related technologies in this decade.

# More solutions for the Plastic Problem 

Did you know that humans have produced 8 billion tons of plastic during the past 79 years? And most of them are still wreaking in our environment damaging humans as well as other flora and fauna. With the latest technologies, some companies are working on finding alternatives for plastic based on materials like mushrooms and flax fibers. 

# More Space Missions to Moon and Mars

Space missions have become a trend in the world for several decades. In this decade many countries have lined up several impressive space missions.  In 2024, Japan is going to send MMX (Martian Moon eXplorer) to space. They plan to land it on Mars’ two moons called Deimos and Phobos. Not only that in 2024 NASA also plans to land the first women on the moon from their Artemis program. 

# More Efficient Batteries

Most electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones use Lithium-ion batteries. In these batteries, Lithium Cobalt Oxide is used as a cathode. These are very good at storing energy but they heat easily and are very expensive. So with modern technology scientists are working on introducing Graphene to the cathode in lithium-ion batteries. They are made by single-layer carbon atoms and according to the released information, this makes batteries much smaller but charge faster!


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