Are you a fan of fishing? If you like to do fishing on your vacations you’ll probably look for some new places to go other than the usual places you everyday visit. Did you know about going big game fishing? Big game fishing is a kind of sport that is also called offshore fishing. In this, you can catch some large fishes that you’ll never be able to catch in your usual places! Is it interesting? If you’re interested, try planning on big game fishing, this article brings you some best places to go. Let’s look at them. 

# Panama City Beach

There is an annual tournament called ‘Cobia Run’ in Panama City Beach between March-April. Every year thousands of fishermen gather for this. Cobia is a fish also called Ling usually weighted from 25-80 pounds. As this is very popular and many fishermen attend this event, Wildlife Conservation has limited that only one Cobia can be caught by one person each day. I recommend you to go there and attend this event with the support of a skilled captain and a boat. A skilled one will help you not only to catch Cobia but also to catch some large breeds like Sharks, King mackerel, and Pompano.

# Florida Keys

In the Florida Keys, you can see sport fishing events all around the year. It’s a fantastic destination for deepwater fishing including fishes like Tuna, Marlin, King Mackerel, and Sailfish.  Not only that, but this destination is also very popular for bonefishing. The season for bonefishing is from March to October.

# Herradura Bay

Herradura Bay is located in Costa Rica and it’s also a year-round big game fishing destination. If you are looking for a large variety of big fish, this is the best suitable location for you. You can find big fishes like Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, and Striped Marlin in there. Not only that, if you do fishing near the shoreline, you can find fishes like Roosterfish and Spanish mackerel.

# Ebro River in Spain

Would you like to catch the largest Catfishes in the world? The Ebro, one of the biggest Rivers in Spain is the best place to catch Catfishes weighing more than 100 pounds.  The best place to catch Catfishes is between March and November. In the Ebro, you can also catch Carp and Zanders. And remember that winter is the best season to catch Carps.

# North Drop and South Drop around Virgin Islands

These places are known as some of the best places for game fishing in the world. In North Drop, you can catch huge Blue Marlins at the peak season. The peak season there is from May to October. Not only Blue Marlins but you can catch Yellowfin Tuna and White Marlins in there. In South Drop, you can catch similar fish types. Other than that, you can also catch big fishes like Mahi Mahi and Wahoo in there.


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