Abandoned places show us one day what would happen to the places we love if they exist without human upkeep. These places look haunting but there is amazing beauty that cannot neglect. Whether there is no soul and clocks have stopped ticking, these places provide a window to that destination’s past. From Rummu Prison in Estonia to Hashima Island in Japan, I have brought you details about 7 abandoned places across the world. If you ever get a chance try to visit these places and feel that mysterious beauty!

# Rummu Prison, Estonia

This is a prison that was built by the Soviet Union and filled with prisoners in 1940.  In there, prisoners had to work at a limestone quarry near the prison. When Estonia earned independence in 1991 it was abandoned and the quarry filled with water when time goes on. Now, this is a very popular site among scuba divers. Many of them come to explore abandoned buildings below the surface.

# Pripyat, Ukraine 

Pripyat became world-famous in 1986 with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. This is the most affected city with a huge amount of radiation released from that disaster.  This is a well-known abandoned place that consists of many ghostly reminders such as clocks stopped at exact same time and a decaying amusement park. By now Ukraine maintains this city as a major tourist attraction.

# The Maunsell Sea Forts, England

These are giant metal towers established at Thames estuary during World War II, to protect England against German air attacks. These forts were abandoned in 1950 and most of them were used by pirates for several decades. You can see them from the Shoebury East Beach shore on a clear day or from a safe boat ride!

# Kolmanskop, Namibia

In 1908 this Kolmanskop was a great city full of diamond mining.  But when people discovered more diamonds in the south of Kolmanskop, this city became abandoned. Now it is full of sand-filled houses and used as a background for several films such as The King is Alive (2000) and Dust Devil (1993).

# Kangbashi, Ordos, China

Did you ever wonder what’s the latest ghost town in the world? Here it is. Kangbashi is the most modern abandoned city in the world. The establishment of this residential area was started in 2003 and it was built for a few million people. But city officials had problems with filling these super expensive apartments and the city was completely abandoned. You can visit this city and amuse by its intact buildings. It’s totally free of cost! 


# Power Plant IM, Charleroi, Belgium

This was one of the largest coal-burning power plants in Belgium and it was established in 1921. The above picture shows its huge cooling tower which could cool down 480,000 water gallons per minute.  Due to the massive size, this became responsible for 10 percent of Carbon Dioxide emission in the entire of Belgium. So this plant shut down in 2007.


# Hashima Island, Nagasaki, Japan

This island became popular after finding a coal deposit under this island. With time this island was filled with large apartment complexes built for the laborers. But when the coal runs out those people left that island. By today it is just a concrete ghost town which is in the sea!


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