Every one of us has our own stories. Some of our stories can be heartbreaking and some of them can inspire others. It doesn’t matter what kind of our story, if someone can learn something from our story it’s the important thing. Most of the successful people in the world have shared their stories. They have talked about failures and obstacles they had to face when achieving their success. Actually, I have learned lots of things from those stories. When I gave up on some occasions, these stories gave me strength and motivation. I think you’ll also like to know about such a story of a character. His story helps many people in the present and also in the future to build up their lives. 


You may definitely know about Nick Vujicic. He is a world-famous coach, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and especially one of the best-selling authors in the New York Times. The world saw him without any limb. But he saw him without any limit. He overcame his physical disabilities and helped millions of people to get rid of their mental barriers. Here’s his story in brief!

Nick was born in Melbourne, Australia on 4th December 1982. He was born with a rare disorder which is called Tetra Amelia Syndrome. Because of this condition he had no arms or legs with his birth. His mother was terrified by this news and refused to hold him. But eventually, his parents understood the reality and accepted it.  He grew as a healthy child except for his disability. His toes of one foot were separated by an operation and those toes helped him as fingers to use a mobile phone, computer, operate a wheelchair, and even to write.


At first, he was not allowed to enter a school by Victoria State Law because of his disability. But after some changes in the legislation, he was allowed to study as the first disabled student in a regular school in Australia. At school was maltreated by a number of bullies because of his disability. Because of these continuous mistreatments, he started to think that he was useless and he was a mistake. And those thoughts made him depressed.  Due to this situation, at the age of eight, he felt we are worthless and hopeless and thought about taking his own life. At the age of ten, he attempted suicide by drowning himself in a bathtub!


Actually, that is the moment that changed his life. He saw how his parents suffered from his decision to suicide. He realized how much his parents love him and understood that his suicide will only leave a great burden on his parents. Then he changed his mind. He started to find the reason for the problems he faced. He identified that listening to other’s opinions about himself is the main cause for all of his problems. Then he decided not to let other people decide his value. He promised himself to keep try and become a valuable person, no matter what other people think about him and what comes in his way. He strongly believed in God and asked to give him the strength to not give up.  Then instead of thinking of himself as a helpless person, he started to think as a limitless person!


For his higher educations, Nick joined Runcorn State High School in Queensland, Australia. In there he became the head boy of the school. Not only that, he became a member of the student council which is mostly involved in charitable activities. He began to deliver speeches when he was just seventeen years old. While doing his bachelor’s degree at Griffith University, Queensland, he developed his speaking skills with the help of a speaking coach.


When he was working on this, he identified that many people are suffering from mental depression. He realized that many people throughout the world who even don’t have any physical disabilities have the same mental status he had. Then he wanted to help those people to realize the value of their lives and give them hope. So with this attitude, he started a non-profit organization named “Life without Limbs” in 2005. Through this organization, he ran campaigns to spread his messages about faith and hope and to stand against bullying. 


In the same year, he was nominated for the Young Australian of the year award. He started a motivational speaking company named “Attitude is Altitude” in 2007 to empower people all over the world to reach their goals and to create positive differences inside them. This motivational speaker is not just a speaker. He did his own several music videos. And also he acted in a short film called “The Butterfly Circus”. That film won 30 awards including the best actor award!


By today he has traveled across the world for more than 60 countries to deliver his speeches. He has been delivered over 3000 speeches to various kinds of audiences including school children, adults, teenagers as well as professionals in many industries. The first book he wrote was ‘Life without limits. It became very popular and more than 80,000 copies of it were sold in 30 different languages.

2012 was a special year for him. In that year he got married to the beautiful lady Kanae Miyahara. Now he is a proud father of four beautiful children. Now he has a beautiful family and great value. His estimated wealth is 500,000 dollars! His motivational speeches and videos are very popular throughout the world and also his books also have good demand.


Nick showed a great reality to the world we cannot neglect. He showed us physical disabilities cannot stop anyone from achieving their goals. Mental barriers are the only thing we have. We just need faith and hope to break them. Just think. If a person without limbs can paint, surf, swim, and be one of the most famous people in the world, why can’t we do that? Why can’t we achieve our goals?

Nick has given some strong messages to the world. He says if you can’t find a miracle, try to be a miracle. As he always says, everyone is beautiful and we have more than our appearance. We need to thank you for what we have got!


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