Have you ever seen a scorpion before? Surely you all have seen a scorpion live before. What did your heart feel as soon as you saw a scorpion? You were shocked, weren’t you? The scorpion is, as we all know a poisonous animal. But there are some interesting facts that you should know about the scorpion. So let me explain those interesting facts.

#Physical characteristics of a scorpion

When you have seen a scorpion what is the predominant part that you see in it? The most recognizable part of it is exaggerated pair of claws. As we know the tail of the scorpion consists of a barb that can inject venom. That is the thing that scares you most. Not only that but also the two venom glands of the scorpion are used to produce venom and that venom is more useful in self-defense and hunting. The number of legs in a scorpion is eight. The number of pedipalps of the scorpion is two. It has an exoskeleton and it consists of chitin. The external skeleton or exoskeleton is tough and it gives protection to this animal. Not only that but also it acts as the site of muscle attachment. So the scorpion has no bones like us. What are the other features that we can identify a scorpion in addition to the above factors? They are the antennae and lack wings. However, when we consider a scorpion, there are metasomal segments and a telson.

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The cephalothorax (head), Mesosom (abdomen), and the metasome (tail) are the main body parts of this animal. The Pedipalps eyes, mouth, and are in the prosoma.  The four clawed leg pairs are in the mesosoma and they help in climbing on a surface. Not only that but also there are seven segments in the mesosoma and that contain the organs that are useful in reproductive and respiratory. The other five segments are in the metasoma and the termination of that is the tail. This interesting animal has unique characteristics to catch the victim and take it into the mouth. When we consider the cephalothorax two eyes are located on that part and also the back of that is consisting of the brain of this animal. In the Animal kingdom, the lightest sensitive eyes belong to the scorpion. The pedipalp is useful in sensory activities. And also there are modified legs to this interesting animal for excavations and traveling purposes. When we consider the metasoma, at the last segment of the distal part the anus has been situated. The average size of a scorpion is about 2.5 inches. They are black, yellow, white, brown and red in color.

#Some scientific facts about the scorpion

As we know the scorpion is an arachnid that is in the kingdom Animalia. The scientific name is Scorpiones and the family name of the scorpion is Scorpionoidea. The order of this animal is Scorpionida. The scorpion is classified as an invertebrate. The life span of this animal is about five years. And also the bodyweight of this interesting animal is ten to a hundred grams. Do you how many scorpion species are in the world?  Do they all have poisonous substances which can kill a man or another animal? There are thirty or forty species that are poisonous among two thousand species of this interesting animal. Most are found in Mexico, Africa, and the United States. Can a scorpion live in a desert? Actually, Not only in warm climates but also scorpions are living in desserts. You can see the scorpions under trees, bushes, boards, and rocks, etc. When we consider the color of the scorpion which is found in desserts is light in color than the scorpions found in forests and mountain areas. The animal’s legs have consisted of sensory cells that are helpful in vibrations of insects or any other animal within one meter. Can scorpions live underwater? Surprisingly they can live underwater for about two days.

#The main types of scorpion species

Although there are more than two thousand scorpion species live on the planet, there are some main types of scorpions also. The main types of them are Red Scorpion, Red Claw Scorpion, Blue Scorpion, Arizona Bark Scorpion, Giant Forest Scorpion, Fat Tail Scorpion, Arizona Hairy Scorpion, Death Stalker Scorpion, Tailless Scorpion, Pseudo Scorpion, Emperor Scorpion, and Three Striped Scorpion.

#Scorpion’s amazing life cycle

According to the species the life cycle differs from one to another. When we consider the reproduction of this animal when female and male scorpions meet, male scorpions use their pedipalps for the initiation of their reproduction by dancing. While this process the male scorpion deposits sperms in the genital pore of the female scorpion. The gestation is various from species to species. Sometimes it takes months to one year. After birth, the young scorpions are lived with their mothers for about two weeks.

#Some facts about scorpion’s diet 

What do you think about the diet of scorpions? Let me explain. They eat not only lizards, spiders, earthworms, and insects but also small animals. Do they drink water? Although they must drink water they can live for months without food. The scorpions use neurotoxic venom for paralyzed the victims. To take food in small quantity the scorpions use chelicerae. The chelicerae are a small structure in their mouth and it is useful to external digestion and fulfills their nutritional needs. The digestion of the scorpion is a slow process. The wonderful fact is while mating some male scorpions are eaten by female scorpions. 

#Why is scorpion venom more expensive?

Scorpion venom affects the nervous system because it is a neurotoxin. Not only this venom can paralyze the victim with more complications but also it can be a cause of death. So you should be careful. Some of them are very potent venoms. The venom consists of proteins, peptides, salts, etc. This venom is harmful to both invertebrates and vertebrates. The pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics properties of this venom give value themselves. Because of the anti-cancer and Anti-microbial properties, that’s why it is more expensive on the earth. And also at once, two milligrams of venom is produced by one scorpion. So it is too much stuff to get. But there are some valuable medical advantages of this venom.

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In addition to the above-mentioned benefits and implements, this is implemented in brain tumors, breast cancer, melanoma, glioma, leukemia, and prostate cancer, etc. Because of that scientists have been invented new machines to get the venoms. The machine is consisting of a scorpion clamper, led screen, IR screen and Electrode, and Eppendorf holder. Both manual and electrical methods are used to extract the scorpion venom. In traditional medicine, scorpion venom is widely used. Not only the above benefits but also the scorpion venom has anti-epileptic and analgesic effects also. In addition to there are a lot of uses of this venom. Some of them are for new drug development, basic researches, diagnosis the various diseases, and producing anti-venom. To get this most expensive extract we have to maintain a good laboratory system by giving more attention to humidity, temperature, etc. In the laboratory, we have to feed the scorpions well by giving flies, crickets, small insects, etc.

#Scorpion bite, treatments, and prevention

Have a scorpion bite you ever? Remind that painful situation. However, the bite of the scorpion is painful and you may also have been experienced that with some serious complications. The more risk has been on children and old people. When we consider the site of a scorpion bite, the signs and symptoms of that place may include warmth, swelling, numbness, pain, etc. Sometimes you may feel sweating, Drooling, vomiting, Difficulties in breathing, Hypertension, unconsciousness, Tachycardia, muscle twitching, etc. Some show allergic reactions like anaphylaxis also. It is a situation of medical emergency and you have to get emergency medical treatments. Otherwise, you will die of respiratory failure or heart failure.

In addition to allopathic medical treatments, there are a lot of treatments for scorpion bites also. Awareness of them is very important. First of all, you have to wash the site of the scorpion bite with water and clean the area. The mental situation is also very important because the spreading of venom throughout the body by blood circulation will be high when the person is confused. If there is any difficulty in swallowing remember not to use any food or drinks. Some people use onions to cure scorpion bites because of the anti-inflammatory property of the onions. They believe that it is useful to reduce the pain also. And also you have to keep in your mind not to cut the area of scorpion bite. However, the most important thing is your safety. So you have to knowledge to prevent scorpion bites before face to a painful situation. You can keep your environment clean, spray cinnamon and lavender oils around your house to prevent the entry of scorpions as precautions. Although the scorpion is a poisonous animal it is also a part of nature. So keep it in your mind to protect this interesting animal. 


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