Do you believe that, is it good luck to see a dragonfly? As I think sometimes you will not believe that. But the thing is, according to some cultures dragonflies are a symbol of good luck and prosperity. And also it is nice to know that the dragonfly is a symbol of change, self-realization, and transformation. Why I’m saying that? Because it teaches us to rejoice, to love life, and has faith even amidst difficulties. So don’t miss the chance to make a wish when a dragonfly flies around you or when you see a dragonfly. The totem of the dragonfly carries a sense of identity. In some countries, they refer that the dragonfly as an important cultural symbol. Not only that, it is believed to be the harbinger of rich harvests and the spirit of the rice plant. So the dragonfly has been a symbol of happiness, new beginnings, and change for many centuries. So always remind if a dragonfly visits you, it is a good sign including good luck, prosperity, harmony, and fortune. And nice to know is, you can call your gods when a dragonfly landing on you. Why I’m saying that? Because the ancient Chinese culture considers this is an opportunity to make a wish to the seven heavens and gods, claiming the gods would be able to hear wish while this amazing insect, I meant the dragonfly is on you.

#Common meanings for Dragonfly

What do you mean by the term ‘Dragonfly’? Is it good luck only? There are a lot of common meanings for Dragonfly. Some of them are; Connection with Fairies realms, Symbol of emotions, Joy, Adaptability, nature’s spirits, Lightness of being, and also change and transformation.

#Scientific facts about Dragonfly 

Now let’s see how the place to this amazing insect in the scientific world is. Anisoptera is the scientific name of the dragonfly. And it is related to the phylum Arthropod. The suborder is Epiprocta. And also as we know the dragonfly is related to the kingdom Animalia. The order of this animal is Odonata. The lifespan of an adult dragonfly is 7-56 days.

#Brilliant, Iridescent colors of Dragonfly 

Dragonflies are in all kinds of colors like blue, red, brown, yellow. These brilliant colors serve specific purposes. Certain colors help to protect their lives and help them blend into their surroundings and stay safe. When we consider the colors found on them we can divide them into two types. They are Natural pigmentation and structural colours.

 When we get an adult dragonfly, it has natural colors and it is a collaboration of yellow, red, brown, or black colored pigments. So what about other colors like bright green or blue? Those colors are actually some structural colors which are created by their photonic cells. Do you think about that how these colors are brilliant and iridescent as you can’t take off your eyes once you see a dragonfly? Wherever or whenever you see it natural pigmentation stays the same. But due to the shimmering effect of the light which it hits the surface will cause the color to change, it is seen as iridescent. That iridescent is because of structural colors.  And did you know most dragonfly species have more than one color? Yes, there are many reasons for this. There are some facts about some young dragonflies. They are green in color but they fade to ash grey when they are growing. And the difference in colors helps them to find their mates because often time male and female dragonflies develop with different colors. And when we consider about wings of dragonflies brown patches or multi-colored veins or edges are common on them. Again there is a prosperous factor about dragonflies regarding their color. There are some beliefs regarding rejuvenation related to red dragonflies in many Native American tribes.

#Good luck or prosperity is the only reason if dragonflies circling around you??

Actually, it is not the only reason. If you’re seeing them around your home there will be a water resource because the favorite food of dragonflies is mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are also closely allied with water. Although Swarming dragonflies conjointly eat several species of flies, they might be responding to a high population of mosquitoes.

#Dragonfly as a Bio indicator

Scientists consider this insect as a reliable indicator about the health of an ecosystem because dragonflies navigate around clean water and stable oxygen levels. Not only that but also the dragonflies are very important to the environmental predators too.


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