I feel sad knowing that animal shelters are overcrowded with animals waiting to be adopted by their owners. We have dogs from kennels, and we don’t mean to suggest that they shouldn’t have a better life, but if you can, you should. These dogs can contribute to a better quality of life.

There is a subreddit called the r/BeforeNAfterAdoption that shares before and after pictures of shelter dogs being adopted in order to raise public awareness about adoption. Pictures of the dogs are beautiful and touching. Scroll to the bottom to see them.

#1 After her adoption two years ago, the first photo was taken a month ago, and the second two years later. I’ve never seen an animal so adorable.


#2 Due to his location in a ditch, Toby could not use his back legs. As a result of this equipment, Toby is the king of the roads on two wheels.


#3 When Maya was adopted, she was a year old.


#4 By confirming Buck, I made the right decision in my life. Neither of us was prepared for what Buck would do. Look at his expression.


#5 It has been six years since the adoption. Look at how Luna looks now.


#6  Love was all he needed to be healed


#7 Because of liver cirrhosis, his life expectancy wasn’t expected to exceed 3 months. His health is much better now that he’s been adopted and is one year old.


#8 A picture of our foster dog’s ears as they develop.


#9 Mighty Marmalade. Since she made that place her regular residence, it has been a little under a year since she has done so.


#10 Magnum is a fictional character. In my neighborhood, a regional shelter found the angel. We thank everyone who helped bring this precious angel into the world.


#11 When did it begin, and where is it now


#12 You can see the glowing up


#13 On the left, you can see a picture was taken when we got together; on the right, one was taken 11 years later.


#14 This one that I will be adopting was just recently given birth to.


#15 Compared to 2020 April, November was in 2019


#16 Here’s Olly. Several people in South Korea rescued him from a restaurant. Later, he was taken to a rescue center in our city, and I adopted him over two years ago.


#17 As a result of Roger’s blindness, he is thin, hungry, and very weak. It was burdensome for him to walk. For this reason, I took him to the shelter for one night. However, it was my opinion that he should go to the vet instead. This is because of his severe condition.


#18 Here’s the first picture we took one year ago after hiking and playing. Now he’s the king of the house.


#19 The dog served as bait. One of her best friends recently passed away. She has now become a part of Lindsie’s family.


#20 During an animal cruelty investigation, this dog was rescued. After 3 weeks of rehabilitation, it was photographed.




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