A dating service known as “Plenty of Fish” is how Dontez Williams first made contact with Myshella approximately seven years ago. At that moment, Myshella’s daughters Abigail and Natalie had just turned one and two years old, respectively. When Dontez first met the two young girls, he immediately took on the role of a father figure to each of them. In 2021, Dontez and Myshella concluded that they should get married.

On the day of his wedding, Dontez felt that he should do something to make the small girls feel like they were in on something special. It was probably out of place, but it was a pleasant surprise for Myshella, Abigail, and Natalie when he created a novel and endearing proposal script for them.

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Dontez came up with the concept of making an adoption offer to his soon-to-be daughters after engaging in extensive planning and reflection on the matter. Dontez could move forward with the adoption process for Abigail and Natalie, but he chose not to. On the other hand, he planned on shocking both females to make the occasion unique and unforgettable for them. Dontez shared his plans with his coworkers, and everyone concluded that this was a fantastic concept. Even during the rehearsals of the wedding vows, Dontez did not utter the vows he intended to say during the actual ceremony.

He was adamant about maintaining its confidentiality.

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He would read the vows he had prepared for Abigail and Natalie that he had written himself during the ceremony. He found it challenging and emotionally taxing to compose the vows for his future daughters. He was convinced that he would always be their father. When asked how he was feeling, Dontez said, “Even the thought of me writing the vows for them made me want to cry.” I reminded myself, “I have to do this,” realizing that just by thinking about it, I was experiencing that emotion. This is the decision that must be made.

Regarding this matter, there are no ifs, and, or buts to be found.'” Myshella and the two younger girls were thrown for a loop when Dontez started reciting the vows at the altar of the wedding. But rather quickly, Myshella, Abigail, and Natalie became aware of what was happening. In his talk, Dontez William recalled the days when he first met the small girls and how they greatly impacted his life. He also discussed how their friendship had helped him become a better person.

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He remarked, “I had no idea that having children was the single most important factor in maturing into a man.” having someone who can instruct them, guide them, watch out for them, provide for them, learn from them, and support them is essential. Because of all of these things, you have contributed to my development into a better person. I am aware of the fact that you both look up to me as a father figure. Dontez asked his two daughters whether they would acknowledge him as their biological father. As he began to speak, one of the small girls started sobbing even though he had just begun. Dontez knelt on one knee in front of the girls to formally inquire about the possibility of adopting them.

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Although they were already crying, the two sweet young angels responded with a “Yes” and hugged Dontez. Dontez stated that even though the people in question are not biologically his, gore could not bring the two of us much closer. He also said, “I’ll never forget how Abigail looked at me. ” Williams described the experience as “priceless.” “Seeing the joy on her face meant a great deal to me,” the speaker says. This was an emotional occasion for Abigail and Natalie but also inspirational for Myshella.

Dontez reported that Myshella was shocked but that she was thrilled and simply grateful that he had stepped up. She expressed her gratitude to me for being a part of their life and said she was delighted to hear that I feel that way about them.


Carrie Johnson – She needs to hold off on making any decisions until she sees how their married life turns out. Once he adopts her, he is a legal guardian in the same capacity as the biological mother. He is free to take her into custody and then depart! Could you not do it? Even if she is older than 18, he can still adopt her. NO ONE, not even the biological fathers, should be entrusted with your children’s care, mothers.

Woody Wood – Just so you know…even after a divorce or separation, parents are still required to pay child support for any adopted children they have.

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