Many tourists love to spend a vacation in France as it has world-class art and architecture. Sometimes your vacation won’t be enough to visit all the places in France. But try to select the places that match your passion. This article will give you the best idea about the places to visit in France. 


Paris is a world-class landmark. Even it does not need much explanation because travelers know the beauty of the place. I don’t believe that someone will miss Paris during the tour to France. This charming city has a lot to offer you. 

The place that first comes to our mind when thinking about Paris is the Eiffel tower. It is a jaw-dropping experience to enjoy the stunning view of Eifel tower at night. Taking a stroll around the nearby places of Eiffel tower is one of the best things to do in France. The tower was designed as a monument to celebrate the 100th century of the France Revolution. It is the world’s most-visited paid monument. You will see the tower twinkling with millions of multicolored lights. If you want to propose to someone about marriage, then the Eiffel tower is the best spot. He or she will never say no to your marriage proposal for sure. There are several Eiffel tower restaurants. You can dine there by watching the sunset. 

Musee de Loure is another famous place in Paris. The entrance to the place itself is an artistic creation. Musee de Loure is the world’s most visited museum. Now, you know how popular is this place. It contains a collection of art of the world. Musee de Lour is the home of world-famous masterpieces like Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and Code of Hammurabi. The museum is a symbol of French fitness and sensitivity. So don’t forget to visit the place during your trip to France. 

Arc de triumph is another popular icon in Paris. More than hundreds of tourists come to visit the place daily. This monument bridges old and new Paris together. 

Notre Dame Cathedral which is a Roman Catholic cathedral is a symbol of Paris. It is also called Notre Dame de Paris. You can walk around the cathedral and climb the tower too. You need to climb 387 steps to reach the top of the tower. Go to the top and enjoy the panoramic view of the region. 

Disneyland park is a must to visit place in Paris. It is located 32 km from central Paris. If you are a Mickey fan, then don’t forget to visit the place. it consists of two theme parks. Those are Disneyland with Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and Walt Disney Studios.


#The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is famous as the garden of France. It was the stomping ground of French royalty and nobility during a certain period. Now, anyone can visit the place. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in France. You will feel like turning the pages of a storybook when traveling through the Loire Valley. Most of the chateaux are named as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. All of them have unique stories. Some castles are built on hilltops and surrounded by ramparts. The most magnificent château was built for King Francis I. it is Château de Chambord while Château de Chenonceau comes with a distinctive feminine style. 

The valley is famous for world-class wines. You will find many local winemakers there. So you get the chance to taste their samples and enjoy your tour. 


What comes to your mind after hearing the place Burgundy? Yeah, you are correct, it is wine. The villages like Chablis and Nuits-St-Georges are famous all around the world for wine. Though the places are rural, they will offer you something amazing. 

France is a hub for culinary styles. Each area in the country has its own culinary style. The French gastronomic meal is included on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list. You will be able to taste a wide range of dishes during your trip to France. But how about learning to cook classic French cuisine? It will be an amazing experience. You can cook classic French cuisine in France. Gastronomic cuisine is one reason to holiday in Burgundy. You can also learn to cook it. One of France’s most celebrated cheeses comes from the Boeuf bourguignon region. The Morvan National Park lies at Burgundy’s rural heart. 


Are you a wine lover? Then Bordeaux which is the capital of win might be your favorite destination in France. The city is located in Aquitaine, in the southwest. It is full of bars à vin. You will be able to sample lots of varieties and vintages in Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre. Baillardran is the best place to taste delicious rum and vanilla pastries. Before going to taste rum, you can stop at Pey-Berland Tower to have a great view of the city’s houses.

#Alsace Villages

Alsace villages are home to some of the prettiest villages in France. They are situated in the green, rolling hills of Alsace where the Vosges Mountains make the border for the Rhine River of Germany. Alsatian villages have pastel-painted, half-timbered houses collected around small parish churches. You will be amazed by the flowering balconies and pedestrian cobblestone streets in Alsace. These villages are so much beautiful even it is hard to describe with words. The most famous and beautiful villages are Riquewihr, Eguisheim, and Mittelbergheim. 


You can watch prehistoric cave paintings in Lascaux. The best example is the fascinating Paleolithic art in the world. This region is named a UNESCO-listed site. It is situated in the ézère Valley of the Dordogne region. There are some prehistoric paintings in the Lascaux cave. It was discovered in 1940 but closed in 1963. The reason for closing the cave for the public is to protect the paintings from damages.

A replica of the cave was created for the visitors. It is situated 200 meters away from the natural cave. The Paleolithic art is recreated here. The paintings contain each and every detail including animal paintings in authentic ochre hues. The cave has 90% of the paints available in the prehistoric cave. You can’t visit Lascaux II alone. A guided tour is essential to visit the cave.

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The International Centre for Cave Art presents a complete replica of the original Lascaux cave. It was opened in 2016. You must take a guided tour of Lascaux IV cave. There is a museum that offers a context for prehistoric artworks. A 3-D film helps to take the pre-historic period close to your life. You can have a self-guided tour to visit the museum.

There are some highlights like Salle des Taureaux (Hall of the Bulls) and Diverticule Axial in Lascaux prehistoric cave paintings. For example, the hall of the bulls features unicorns and bears. The Diverticule Axial features impressive drawings of horses, cows, and bulls. It is a narrow 30-meter-long painting. 

The paintings of the replica cave are so accurate. No one will be able to find a difference between the real paintings and ones in the replica caves. 


Provence is similar to art. It is very beautiful scenery. The landscape is full of olive groves, deep purple lavender fields, hills, villages nestled in the valleys, and perched on rocky outcrops. The beautiful scenery inspired artists like Chagall, Picasso, and Matiise. 

The beauty of the place immerse tourists in lovely emotions. You can spend the afternoon on sunny terraces of outdoor cafes. The delicious cuisine made with vegetables, aromatic herbs, and olive oil will offer you the real taste of French menus. 

There are some small villages like Saint-Rémy, Saint-Paul-de-Vence, and Gordes. They contain fantastic museums and several historic sites. You can enjoy traditional festivals in the towns like Arles.


Nice is the best destination for history buffs, high culture seekers, and beachgoers. The city has many museums, ruins, and churches. You can wait in Nice without feeling bored for days. 

The old town is situated in Nice. Both locals and tourists come to visit the place. You will find authentic French restaurants and shops to dining in there. The best time to visit Old town is in the morning. You can find out the shops to buy things in the afternoon. Take a small bite from a shop and have a drink in one of the bars in the city. The Promenade des Anglais or the English Walk goes parallel to the pebbly shore of Nice’s beachfront. It stretches for more than 2 miles along Baie des Anges. The walkway is open all day. 

You get the chance to taste Nicois cuisine having a mixture of French ingredients like vegetables, meat, and fresh cheeses. You can find less expensive pubs and restaurants also in there. It is better to explore before selecting a restaurant for dine-in. Nice is famous for the nightlife scene in the Riviera. So try to keep some energy for the evening after traveling here and there during the daytime. 

To Sum Up

France is the dream country of many people. There are several beautiful landmarks to visit in Franc. All you have to do is to make a plan before starting your journey. So you won’t miss any location during the visit. 


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