Do you have children or do you have grandchildren? If you have sometimes they may be little and playing with a world of toys right now. But, have you ever think how will they look like in several years?  At that time they may be growing fast while improving with maturity.  They will be interested in your life. They will have lots of questions to ask from you. Have you ever think about that? That’s true. When they are growing they will try to compare their lives with yours. They will want to know about the real you. The purpose of this article is to help you with such situations!

At first, I’m going to tell you how to prepare for such a situation in the future. Did you ever think to write an autobiography? Did you ever wonder what is the importance of writing an autobiography? An autobiography is a record of thoughts, people, places, and events in an individual’s life. It is unique from person to person. Why should you write an autobiography? There are many reasons. It may be because you want to share your experiences and life with others or to understand your life. Sometimes it may be because you want to contribute your past stories to your family history. Whatever the reason it is very useful and important to have an autobiography. If you have your own autobiography, it will be easier to answer the following questions when your children or grandchildren need answers!

# Where were you born?

When children grow up they like to know where their family roots have begun. It is much interesting if you were born in a different region or a different country. Then those children will be more interested and will want to know about your family there. I think that gives beginning for those children to reach their family tree!

# Where did you grow up?

One day your children will want to know where you lived and how you lived. They would like to know about your home, your childhood friends, your neighborhood, as well as how was your room then. I’m pretty sure they will be more interested in those as there is a huge difference between your past and their present.

# What did you do as a kid?

This is a very common question most of the kids have. One day they want to compare their life with yours as a kid. They will want to know what you did when you were a child and a teenager. From that, they will get a better understanding of you as well as themselves.

# How did you select my name?

Most of the kids ask this question even once in their life.  Sometimes you may name them because you just loved that name. Sometimes you did that after someone you loved and respected. You should tell them the truth behind their name and it will make them proud of their identity!

# How was I like a baby?

You should tell them good and bad things about themselves. Some of your stories about their early childhood will surprise them as those memories are unlikely to remember themselves!


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