Keanu Reeves is a well-known Canadian actor and singer. He is most known for his performance in the film “The Matrix,” in which he gave-an-outstanding performance that won the hearts of millions worldwide. However, before that, he appeared in several critically acclaimed films, including comedies and action thrillers. This multitalented actor is well-known not just for his acting but also for his music. He has participated in several theatrical productions in addition to his acting career.

However, aside from his professional brilliance, he has also won the hearts of many people for being the genuine human that he is, and he has established a number of funds worldwide to assist those in need of assistance. Nevertheless, despite these selfless acts, Keanu’s personal life has not been as successful as his professional life. Even though he used to be a passionate lover, various issues have arisen in his life, and we thought it would be interesting to share one of his interviews with The Jakarta Post in which he claims that he is lonely. In this interview, he says he doesn’t have anyone to talk to.

Keanu Reeves
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Here is what happened at the interview:

Obviously, The Matrix means a lot to you. How much like Neo are you?

He’s a better man than me but I try to live up to his values.

Which of his qualities do you particularly admire?

He was a beautiful man to play with. I thought his love for Trinity was so pure. I really identified with it. Also, I loved his search for answers. He’s a strong positive, moral, and ethical man, doing the best he can.

Keanu Reeves
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What does love mean to you?

Do you mean the love of a romantic partner? You are aware that I am the guy who is by himself. My existence is devoid of any significant others. If it does happen, though, I will treat the other person with love and respect; I only hope that it will also happen to me.

You describe yourself as a lonely guy. Are you content with that?

It doesn’t really worry me all that much. Since I work as an actor, I am unable to respond to your question.

Keanu Reeves
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You currently call West Hollywood home. Are you allowed to maintain your privacy there? Are you able to go about without being seen?

My days often run smoothly. Of course, there are also tourist vans, which go door-to-door. You’ll see them when I go outside in the morning to collect my newspaper.

There are times when you feel confined like an animal. But nobody gives a damn in Los Angeles.

Although I don’t go out very often and don’t do anything, photographers are pursuing you. I’m surprisingly dull.

Keanu Reeves
Image credits: keanuthings

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  1. You are an amazing human who shouldn’t be lonely, I am too as are many. I have list all my family except a sister, we aren’t close at all . I feel so alone apart from how my website looks, they were all long ago friends, gone too far away to see. Most days I don’t know why I’m still alive, what does the world need me for?

  2. I have been on my own for 37yrs & have enjoyed it. I have children & grandchildren but I still have my own space through choice. I would never say no to a relationship but won’t go looking…Being on your own makes you stronger and more caring…Carry on, it will happen one day…


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