Whenever you think about the beauty and modelling industries, you immediately think of perfect models who can model jewellery, makeup, and clothing. These industries have set standards for the appearance of women. There are many ways to achieve perfection, including height, slimness, beautiful hair, skin, symmetry, etc.

As a result, society has been negatively affected. According to mainstream marketing, people who do not possess the desired uniform look are not beautiful. A marketing strategy is used by cosmetic companies, plastic surgeons, and products like these to instil this mentality in women. Keeping afloat is the most common method of running a business for big companies. It is not uncommon for society’s beauty standards to be challenged at times. It is about one such instance in which natural beauty and humanity are captured on camera. We are excited to introduce Kennedy Garcia, a model who currently works on several brands. Look at this incredible girl who is constantly breaking beauty standards by scrolling down.

More info & Photo courtesy: Kennedy Garcia | Facebook


Kennedy Garcia


Kennedy Garcia

Throughout her life, she has been a fighter. Throughout her life, she has faced many challenges. Over 30 surgeries have been performed on her, including spinal surgery and leukaemia treatment. Modelling for various clothing stores began at a young age. In addition to modelling for American Girl dolls, she also models for Justice clothing. Her organisation’s mission is to inspire and empower women worldwide, reminding them that every person is as beautiful as her heart can be.

Scroll down to see more of her outstanding work. Any queries you might have in the comments are welcome, of course.


Kennedy Garcia


Kennedy Garcia


Kennedy Garcia


Kennedy Garcia


  1. Kennedy
    Garcia really is an inspirational and beautiful young woman. She has proved again and again that anyone can be and do anything they want.


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