The problem that most dog owners have is “Why my dog doesn’t listen to me?” Sometimes when you are not visible to the dog but you need to get its attention and to do what you want him to do. But unfortunately, your dog won’t listen to you. He won’t pay attention to the thing you want him to do.  Some people simply think about this situation but it’s not much simple. The communication between you and your dog keeps him out of trouble. Stop eating unnecessary things and stop him running along the streets with vehicles are some examples. And also good communication helps to change the bad habits of your pet. So now you’ll understand that your dog isn’t listening to you it will be dangerous.

Actually, all dogs are good listeners. Now you think ‘but why my dog isn’t listening to me?’ the answer is simple. The problem is with you. Even though dogs are good listeners, they need good support from their owners to understand them and build communication. So if your dog isn’t listening to you, it may be because of the following reasons.

#1 Your dog may fear of the punishment

All of the dog owners use punishments to correct the wrong actions of their pets. But when doing punishment you must think about it thoroughly before punish. Otherwise, your dog will misunderstand you. For example, sometimes your dog gets out of the house and runs along with the neighborhoods and streets. Sometimes you have to pursue them for hours. Finally, you catch him or he comes home himself. When he returns home you punish him. At that time dogs think their last action-returning home is the reason for punishment.

#2 Change in surrounding

When training your dog, you must show little power to him. You must spend time daily to instruct the commands that your dog should learn. Otherwise, your dog won’t pay much attention to you. When you start its training you must do it in a quiet environment without distractions. 

For example, if you want to train your dog to ‘come’ you should first do it when no one is around. Otherwise, your pet will be distracted. Then gradually you can try that command when family members are around and finally you can try that in a park or in different environments.

#3 Repeating commands

This is a great mistake done by many dog owners. When repeating the same command, the dog used to respond only to repetitive commands. For example when you tell your dog to sit. But he doesn’t pay attention. Then you repeat that command again and again within few seconds. Finally, the dog responds to it after few tries and sits. Then you appreciate your dog obeying. But actually, you think furthermore you’ll understand that you taught him to sit after saying the same command two or three times.

#4 Communicating in wrong language

Do you know that dogs are very sensitive to body language? Yes, it’s true. So if your dog looks like he doesn’t understand you, try with somebody’s language while commanding him something to do. 


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