In the ancient world, there was an island in the Indian ocean very small in size but had an incredible reputation among the voyagers. Many nations called her by many names. Few are “Thabrobana” “Ceylon” and “Serendib”. Many voyagers have mentioned her in their records as the heaven on the earth. Also, it is known as “The pearl of the Indian Ocean”. For many centuries she has enchanted the human with her beauty & still, she is there with her pride. If somebody tells you to define “Beauty” in two words, don’t wait for a second and say “Sri Lanka”. If he asks to prove it then give these 07 facts.

#1 Gems

This is a wonderland that stands on a miracle. She has a great reputation as the “Land of gems”, for her fascinating history of the gems industry. Of the world’s 85 varieties of gems stones, Sri Lanka is home to 40, making it the source of some of the rarest precious stones in the world. Rathnapura, in the Sabaragamuwa Province, is the most fertile ground for gems and is where the mining happens.

Over the years Sri Lanka has progressed to the prestigious position of been the producer of the world’s best Sapphires. Besides rubies and sapphires, this land is rich in cat’s eyes, Alexandrities, Aquamarines, Tourmalines, Spirals, Garnets, Amethyst, and a variety of other stones.

#2 Food & Beverages

The Soil in this land has magic that gives a unique flavor to every plant that grows. Sri Lanka is famed globally for its passion to grow some of the world’s finest teas and black coffee. Besides them, many beverages and juices are different from one area to the other. And also Sri Lankan food is diverse and complicated both in flavor and preparation and a little bit spicy indeed. Rotti with Katta Sambol, Kiribath, Rotti with Black Pork Curry, Curd, and Treacle is a few of them you must try. I encourage you to be curious and fearless in your culinary exploration. You won’t be disappointed.

#3 Nature with Adventure

On your way to the Indian Ocean, you will find your own paradise. A heaven for the explore, bliss for the wandering soul. From the first step of the island, you will collect new experiences for your life. It is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world. Drawing crowds from all over the world. Just imagine a clear blue sky, warm sand under your bare feet, the muffled pounding of waves hitting the shore, and that amazing contrast of white foam against the deep blue-green of the ocean. This is pretty much every day at a beach in Sri Lanka. Empty beaches and empty waves just waiting for a surfer to tear it up. Beneath the warm Indian Ocean surrounds the islands are hundreds of shipwrecks and colorful coral reefs offering divers and an array of diving options. It is home to blue whales who are the largest animal on the earth.

Sri Lanka is ranked among the world’s 25 biodiversity hot spots, high praise indeed for such a small country.

There are over 20 national parks for wildlife, photographers to witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat and Sri Lanka is one of the places to do so. Wilpathtu. Yala, Kumana, Udwalava are the most prominent places in wildlife photography. The Asian elephants, Axis deer, Toque Macaque, and Leopard are a few of the must-see wildlife in your adventure. Sinharaja’s international significance and has been designated a biosphere reserve and world heritage site by UNESCO is waiting to cuddle in its beauty. Most of the unique species can be found in this forest and night camping may be a remarkable experience for you. 

Sri Lanka is a land that is blessed with many natural bounties within a relatively small area, providing great opportunities for adventure tourism. The most beautiful river on the island can be Kayaked. This paradise can’t summarize into a small paragraph. But I guarantee every step on this island will be an unforgettable memory in your life.

#4 Culture

This little island has been located on the sea routes of the ancients, has attracted visitors from near and far its culture derives from all of them, but belong only to herself. The main ethnic group is Sinhalese. The Sinhalese, Tamils, and Moors together amount to 99% of the population of Sri Lanka. Their cultural beliefs, traditions, and festivals are different from others and this difference enhances the beauty of the country. Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival, Vesak, Deepawali, Ramazan, and Christmas celebrated by these different nations give this island the festivity whole over the year. The Kandy Esala Perahara is one of the oldest and grandest festivals in Sri Lanka featuring beautiful Kandian dancers, jugglers, musicians, fire-breathers, and lavishly decorated elephants. The most ancient homogeneous identifiable people in Sri Lanka are “Veddas”. They are a jungle tribe. Their rituals, customs, foods, occupation, residence, language, and everything are unique. Visiting Veddas will give you remarkable experiences.


#5 World Heritage sites

This is a small country in size but has a large historical value. There are eight fabulous UNESCO heritage sites in Sri Lanka that are a lot of UNESCO sites for such a small country. The Ancients city of Sigiriya, the world-famous fifth-century palace and fortress is waiting for you with its beautiful paintings. The sacred city of Anuradhapura is the largest of the ancients cities in Sri Lanka. The golden temple of Dambulla is another world heritage site that you must visit. It’s actually a very well–preserved cave temple complex built on a 600-foot high rock. The fourth one is the sacred city of Kandy. The golden roofed temple of the tooth is the jewel of the city. The sacred city of Polonnaruwa and the old town of Galle are maned as UNESCO world heritage sites because of their charming features and historical value. Sinharaja forest reserve and central Highlands of Sri Lanka are the other world heritage sites and UNESCO has announced them as a super biodiversity hotspot.

#6 Spices

If you have ever taste Sri Lankan traditional foods its taste must be unforgettable. The secret is their spices. This magical island has the best climate conditions for a variety of spices allowing them to be grown on the island’s soil. This is attracted the attention of many western nations throughout history and this island is famous as “Spice Island”.

“Ceylon Cinnamon” is world-renowned for its qualities such as unique flavor, color, and aroma. Black Pepper is the other largest spice presence in Sri Lanka. Curry leaves, Pandan leaves, lemongrass, cloves, cardamon, chili, cumin, coriander, nutmeg and mace, and ginger are the other major spices that can be found in this small island, and all these spices have unique qualities which are given by the magical soil of the island. 

#7 Sri Lankan Smiles

Among all those facts the most important thing is the Sri Lankan smiles. These people are very innocent from their hearts. Anywhere on the island, they will intimate you with their beloved smile and grandiose hospitality. This small country is world-famous for her hospitality. 

In here “any time is tea time”. In anywhere of the country, you will be warmly welcome by offering a customary cup of Ceylon tea. It is a custom, a culture beautiful countryside view of this paradise will be a survivor in your life. So be careful, if you visit them once, they will keep your heart forever.


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