Modern kids learn and study about nature in their schools. They know the names of the trees, names of animals, their life cycles, etc. But do they actually know about nature? Do they have inner experiences about nature’s beauty, joy, or peace? I don’t think many of them have any idea about such experiences. As we live in a modern era, all of us have very busy life schedules. Even kids don’t have time to get rid of their daily routines. 

I personally believe that besides education, there are lots of things to be developed inside the kids. Love, creativity, and wisdom are some of those aspects. I think experiencing nature helps them to grow mentally and spiritually. If you go natural place with your kids, if you remain in there for some quiet time you’ll definitely feel the harmony, joy, and self-awareness in there. 

In this article, I bring you some simple activities you can do with your kids to develop love, creativity, unity, self-awareness, and joy. Before I mention those activities I’ll tell you what you should have when going to do these activities. First find a peaceful, quiet very calm natural area. When you go there please bring some snacks or simple food items, water with you. And also bring a small sketchbook, color pencils or pastels as well as a little bag to bring some gathered nature treasures such as feathers and leaves. Now let’s discuss the activities!

# Talking Tree

Ask your kids to find a tree they like and sit by it. Then tell them to close their eyes and have a conversation with a tree in their mind. Ask them to let it talk and talk them back. Leave them to enjoy conversation and ask them to open their eyes and write about their conversation in the sketchbook. Discuss their conversation and ask them to draw themselves under the tree. 

# The Day of Discovery

Tell your kids to sit down. Tell them to give some attention and find something they have never noticed before. Ask them to write a little story about it in the book. Discuss their stories with them.

# Be water!

Find a place near water such as a lake, river, or pond. Ask your kids to sit by it and to be quiet. Then tell them to imagine that they are the water. Ask them to write what they feel like water and discuss with them about their writings.

# Meditate

Most of the kids love simple meditations.  Find a quiet place and ask them to sit and be quiet.  Ask them to think about what’s around them, what they feel. Tell them to select one thing. It may be a bird song, a small plant, or a small animal. Ask them to smell, see and feel that thing. Then tell them to write anything they felt. At the end ask them to choose another thing and do the same. Then discuss their writings. 


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