As she walks her elderly dog across the border, a Ukrainian woman manages to flee the country.

A Ukrainian woman who escaped with her family and their dogs has garnered praise from many people. The compassionate woman had carried her elderly dog on her shoulder for approximately 17 kilometres, around 10 miles.

Alisa just published her difficult and emotional experience online after many people expressed interest in learning more about her. Due to an unpleasant event inside the family on the day of the invasion, Alisa could not leave Kyiv in time to escape the city.

The bright woman held the position of Python coder at the German company, instrumental in Alisa and her family’s successful relocation to Poland. The entire family boarded a charming but compact Peugeot 307 and drove out of the city.

Alisa’s mother, her sister, both of their spouses, their four children, and their two dogs, one of which was an elderly German Shepherd, made up the nine members of Alisa’s family. Moving around inside the automobile was difficult, and the environment was unsettling.

They left Kyiv and drove for 16 hours before reaching their destination, which was a little village. However, even at that location, it was not safe, so the family decided to go on. When they finally arrived at the Poland border, there was a massive amount of traffic waiting for them.

The family speculated that it would be challenging for them to be cooped up in the vehicle for between three and five days. Therefore, Alisa and the other family members decided to walk the remaining 10 kilometres to the border. The morning temperature was seven degrees below zero, making it a bitterly cold start to the day. The children, with her dogs Kolt and Pulya, had a tough time.

The senior German Shepherd, Pulya, was 12.5 years old and had trouble walking because of her advanced age. Every kilometre that she walked brought on new bouts of her falling. Alisa’s dogs were a part of her family, and she was not ready to leave them behind, despite everyone there advising them to leave the dogs behind. She and her husband sometimes carried the dogs when they went for walks together. She was forced to leave her spouse in Ukraine, but she keeps her fingers crossed that they will be reunited soon.

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