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During the first week of December 2003, Robert Irwin was conceived. Irwin, who is the son of Steve Irwin and Terri Irwin, is one of the only TV conservationists and zookeepers from Australia to have his own show. A conservationist and animal rights activist, Robert “Bob” Irwin, is his grandson. The artist, zoologist, and pet photographer Robert was born at 14 and has a keen interest in animals.

His childhood was always filled with wonder at the natural world. In addition to traveling across the globe and capturing nature’s most breathtaking moments, Robert’s famous family member is also employed at the Australian Zoo. The photographer shares his images on Instagram. The pictures of his digital images have delighted his followers.

As part of his work to protect wild animals, Robert uses his passion for digital photography. Selling canvas prints during international auctions has enabled him to raise many dollars in support of Irwin’s non-profit organization, Wild Animal Warriors. His Royal Highness Prince Charles is one of the world leaders he has met with to discuss environmental protection.

More info: Instagram | robertirwinphotos.com

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Robert, age 14, is carrying on his late father’s legacy by encouraging others all across the world to have a greater appreciation for the natural environment.


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