It would appear that a cat has at long last provided the correct interpretation of the term “catwalk.”

During the Esmod International Fashion Show, held in Esmaar Square Mall in Istanbul, a random cat barged in and stole the show. The models wore various fashionable garments designed by Goksen Hakk Ali. “Everyone was in astonishment,” Goksen Hakk Ali said in an interview with The Dodo. The cat appeared out of nowhere and started to strut, scratch, and strike some menacing poses in the middle of the catwalk. It was clear that the cat was enjoying all of the attention that it was receiving, as seen by the fact that all eyes and camera flashes were focused on the cat’s playful runway shenanigans. However, the fact that it had to share the stage with other models was something it did not particularly enjoy. The cat made several attempts to pick conflicts with the models that were heading its way to retake the position that was rightfully at the fashion show. In the end, the cat not only triumphed over the fashion week but also triumphed over each of our hearts. The explanation for why it’s called a “catwalk” has now been revealed, and the following pictures serve as evidence.
Royce Fletcher
I am a Business Management graduate from the University Of Staffordshire (UK) and a qualified personnel officer who completed the National Diploma of Training and Human Resource Development at the Institute of Personnel Management.Apart from my professional career in the field of HRM, I am also a freelance writer of web and business content.



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