Photographer Wesley White had professional obligations in Belize, so he traveled there. Therefore, he was looking forward to discovering and photographing this lovely island. Even though he didn’t have much spare time, he was excited about going on a beautiful trip.

He made the decision to paddle to a nearby little island in Thatch Caye on the first day of the expedition. He spotted a starving dog entering a fishing house when he first arrived on the island. Despite the fact that the poor dog didn’t have much meat on him, he was still friendly. I saw the tip of his tail waving out of the corner of my eye,” Wesley said in response to The Dodo.

Wesley called out for others to come fishing, but no one was there to answer his call. He had no hope that the dog would survive even one more day, so he moved immediately to save it before it was too late. After placing the dog in the kayak, he paddled back to the motel where he was. If he did not do anything to help the dog, it was inevitable that it would perish from starvation.

As soon as he got to the hotel, he immediately called for help. The entire community pitched in to help, feed the dog, and get him to the vet. Wesley could only spend a small amount of time with the dog before he had to leave because he only had 36 hours left in Belize.

The veterinarian stayed in touch with Wesley and informed him that the dog was making progress in its recovery and was now prepared to be placed in a foster home. After spending two months in the foster home, the dog would have been ready to make the trip to Dallas to join Wesley.

The dog’s former name has been changed to Winston, and he is doing well in his new home with Wesley and his companions. Watching the touching film will show how Wesley and the hungry dog were brought together by chance and how they found each other again after a long journey.

Royce Fletcher
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