We would be impressed if someone visited fifty different nations. We would be amazed if they were to go to the year 100. But if they went to every country in the world and became the first documented female, youngest American, and fastest traveler to visit all 196 countries on the planet, then that would certainly leave us in a state of utter amazement.

But Cassandra De Pecol acts similarly. The 27-year-old Connecticut native has traveled to 181 countries since July 2015. She has 40 days left before attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest person to visit every sovereign state, which now stands at 15 countries. She is an ambassador for peace for the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, which is funding Expedition196, her amazing voyage. Even while we might not be able to match her success, we can follow her as she sets out on her instructive adventure on Instagram.

More info: Cassandra De Pecol | Instagram | FB | IIPT  (Image credits: Caters News Agency)

Have you ever wished to travel to every nation on earth?

That is what Cassandra De Pecol is doing at this very now!

The name of her incredible journey is “Expedition 196.”

She began her journey in the island nation of Palau in July of 2015.

And in the time since then, she has traveled to 181 different nations.

She wants to be the first woman in history to travel to every one of the planet’s 196 nations.

Within 40 days, Cassandra will only have 15 more places to visit.

If she is successful, she will shatter the Guinness World Record for the individual who traveled to all 50 sovereign states in the shortest time.

She is doing so as an Ambassador for Peace with the International Institute for Peace Through Tourism, which she represents.

The trip has racked up about $200,000 in fees thus far, but sponsors cover those expenses completely.

Additionally, she gets free lodging in exchange for advertising on her Instagram account, which she uses to promote products and services.

She is only 27, but she has already witnessed more than most people will throughout their entire lives combined.

From interacting with young lions.

And downhill skiing in the Rockies of Colorado

To take some time off and relax on the beach in Kiribati

And taking in stunning views, such as one of the Mostar bridges in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cassandra never leaves home without her trusty camera in tow

Not to mention her map, of course!


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