By now trend to have exotic pets are increasing without showing any sign of slowing the trend. When considering them there are an unlimited number of choices to have rather than typical pets. Even though sometimes you may have never heard about these exotic pets! Have you? Exotic pets are uncommon pets such as chinchilla, turtle, snake, lizard, guinea pig, frogs, sugar sliders, etc. I always wondered why people choose these exotic pets without having a regular pet like a dog, cat, fish, or hamster. I think I have found some reasons for that. 

# No need to have much space

A regular pet such as a dog or a cat usually needs a considerable large space for its cage. Even fishes need large space for their tanks.  So it is difficult to have such a pet if you are living in a tiny apartment or in a small house that doesn’t have outdoor space. But if you ask someone who has a pet like a lizard, snake, or a chinchilla you’ll know that whether these pets need a small space, they provide love and companionship as same as regular pets.

# Great for the ones who have pet allergies

Some people like to have pets. But they can’t because of allergies to things such as fur and feathers. These exotic pets are a great alternative for them. If you have such allergies you can have pets like lizards, frogs, snakes, or turtles. So if you like to have a pet, you don’t have to worry about allergies anymore!

# They live for a long time

When I ask some people why they don’t adopt a pet, they say if they have a pet, they’ll really attach to it. So if they lose their pet in few years they won’t be able to bear that loss. I think having an exotic pet is a solution for that. No, any pet lives forever but if you give appropriate diets, do medical check-ups and provide shelter according to their needs, exotic pets such as snakes, turtles, and lizards live for about 20-40 years. It is a large time period comparing to the life span of regular pets like dogs and cats. 

#  Same friendship as regular pets

Some of you may think ‘can these exotic pets be friendly as much as dogs and cats?’ the answer is YES. We know that dogs are the human’s best friends from the ancient period. But if a small creature can provide the same relationship with minimum bothering, it will be a great alternative. The best example is Sugar Gliders. They are very cute little creatures and when you own them, they want only to be with you. They mostly seek your love and companionship. Another one is African Gray Parrot. If you own one you can have a talkative friend for the rest of your life!

# Having exotic pet is a great experience

This is the reason why most people move on to exotic pets. They are very incredible and have unique behaviors for each kind. And their methods of dealing with humans are attractive. These pets have different environmental and social needs than regular pets. So people learn about these species and adopt them to get experience.


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