Parenting is undoubtedly one of the hardest occupations in the world. It is really difficult to bring up a child to become a good person. Parents who claim otherwise are undoubtedly lying. It’s not always difficult, though. Some parents reportedly come up with creative ways to make motherhood less demanding and more entertaining.

You may occasionally hear parents who have a fantastic sense of humor say that having children is fun. They still like making fun of their kids, whether they have fully grown adults or still very little babies. Sometimes they know how to make their kids crazy. Or perhaps each day. These humorous parents are, in some strange way, the kind of parents every child needs.

Here is a list of some parents who try their best to tease their children. And go back on any instances where your parents embarrassed you in a hilarious way.

#1 For his birthday, my son wanted “cold, hard cash.”

#2 I texted my parents to check on them because there is an escaped murderer close to where I live. Their Reaction:

#3 My dad claimed that once I left for college, my dog took over my room. He sent this to me.

#4 My parents, therefore, believed that this would be amusing this Christmas.

#5 A road trip with just my parents and their apparent sense of humor, when I was 12 years old.

#6 My parents’ cake for my 18th birthday.

#7 This was just posted on Facebook by my friend’s father with the caption “Twins!”


#8 Expert in parenting.

#9 My parents used to tell my brother and me that we had another brother who, as a result of not taking a bath, turned into a mushroom. He was even included in the family albums.


#10 Acquired From My Parents. Is it Better to Laugh or Cry?

#11 My parents emailed me a selfie of The Mail.

#12 When I asked my father for $10 to pay for gas, he responded, “Sure, it’s in the top left drawer of my computer desk.”

#13 I Loved How My Friend’s Dad Joked About Him On Facebook.

#14 Uncle builds a crib for his 2-month-old nephew in the style of Jaws.

Joseph Reginella

#15 My parents’ ability to embarrass their children even after 41 years of marriage is something I adore about them.

#16 I first hosted my girlfriend’s parents for dinner. It Was Worn by Her Dad.

#17 Would This Be Viewed as Poor Parenting?

#18 Last year, my boyfriend moved out of his parent’s home. He has already been replaced.

#19 Friend Took This Photo While At Disney World And Posted It. His parents gave a reply.

#20 Her justification was that she lacked any other picture frames. Regards, Mom.

#21 Parenting Tip


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